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Welcome to 'bureau voor vernieuwing',

a typical Dutch name for a specialist in branding, concepting and innovation in leisure & hospitality. 

We guarantee destinations (being regions, cities or companies like hotels, campgrounds, holiday parcs, resorts and nature parks) to improve their performances.

As a firm believer in branding and concepting, we have developed the SWADT-method, to help destinations focus and build stronger brands. The dot on the horizon is to have a renewed business model in 2030 for that destination.

In SWADT we start with the DNA of the destination and work our way up from (a) establishing strong core (or brand) values and (b) choosing relevant trends to develop products and services based on memorable 'experiences'. 

We are experienced marketeers but also successful managers of hotels, resorts and campings. We know what, how and why ;D.

Please feel free to contact us.


Hans' telephone number is +31(0)650298181. 

Our email address is

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